Zuhair Murad - Fall Winter 2013 2014
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Emma + being gorgeous in 3x18

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- “Red apples are so sickly-sweet, don’t you think? People tend to like something… a little sharper”
- “and green apples suggest… bitter;

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Colors of magic on Once Upon a Time

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Brooding Killian Jones

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if zelena kills eva…

Get your own pirate!


If only Emma would step up to Zelena’s face in the next episode(s) if she tries to bother Hook again and be all:


I need it!

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20 days of hooked queen12.a hooked queen scene in ftl

 "Things are about to change in this world. Radically"

I could just watch this scene over and over again. It’s like porn, man… not that I, ahem, watch po- I JUST LIKE THIS SCENE OKAY???? MUCH CHEMISTRY IS MUCH!


Michael Fassbender, Details

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